Interactive+ Introduction

This article describes how Interactive+ were founded earlier, what we do now and what we are going to do in the future!

Main Theory

Determination, Passion, Respect, Intergrity, Honesty

InterActive+ aims to bring technology into practice and make programming more simple and productive.

“We eagerly want the power of innovation, but we have never forgot our initial dreams” This is what I discover on May 11, 2016.

The best achievement, the most beautiful sceneries and the most suffering things is only a tiny little part of this universe. So we decide, wherever we achieve in the future, our final goal is to fuel the development of the human beings.

We have never been lack of the power of innovation inside our group, but we may give up our amibitions and stop fighting for it. How many people does not fully understand one programming language and goes to another?

We can never lose our passion, and this article is not only for you who are supporting us, but also for ourselves to always get power and fuel ourselves, and finally we will achieve our greatest height.

InterActive+ strives to use a method that is appropriate for this time to convey a better message that does not belong to this time. We believe that every industry must be able to push the society forward to be meaningful. Since we are good at Computer Science, we hope to improve this world by open-sourcing.

InterActive+ respects privacy and digs deep into cyber-security. Our websites are TLS1.1-1.3 Compatible and have HSTS functionality enabled. Parts of our websites even use DNSSEC.

Members’ Abilities

Major languages: PHP, HTML/CSS/JS, C++/C#, MySQL

Area of study: PHP/Database High Concurrency, C++ Cross-Platform, Game-Development, AI

Founding Reason

We found Interactive+ because we share the same hobby and hope to develop powerful APPs together. With the flow of time, we are more and more eager to help the society and let people see the light of hope that even in small villages, people will be able to access city-like services.

Domains Owned By Us

Domain Level Usage Major Official Web Page Hosting, Interactive+ related services Secondary Member Web Page Hosting, Server IP Address Record Secondary Email Domain, Spare Domain Secondary BlueAirHost Designated Domain


In 2011, InterActive+ was created(early called CXQStore)

In 2012, I built the website for CXQStore( /

In 2013, InterActive+ was formally created with its initial name WeisuoStudio. We majored in VB6.0 that time

In 2014, WeiSuoStudio's website was built(It was very ugly!)

In 2015, WeiSuoStudio started to post its products in BaiduTieba(The biggest forum in China that time)'s VB section. Until now, all of those products are unavailable to find. Simultaneously, site for InterActive+) was put online by using a single-page template.

Apr 17, 2015, InterActive+ reorganized, and was renamed in Chinese(translation is similar to Interactive+)

In the end of 2015, We started to use our own self-written website pages!(using Coyinsoft's Unistyle Framework)

In 2016, we published SimTrap(a website framework based on Unistyle), and uses this framework to make our websites.

In 2016, we published OPENAPI Server(allows 3rd-party developers to let their customers use Interactive+ accounts to login to the 3rd-party apps and store information on our cloud based on different accounts)

In 2016, we changed our technology stack, our major changed from VB6.0 to HTML+PHP. There's a huge wave of people comming in and out.

In the end of 2016, we deleted SimTrap and made METERIOT framework, this is a 100% self-written CSS/JS framework, we re-write our website using METERIOT and it is the first time we add language switching feature to the website

July 26, 2017, we started operating BlueAirHost(a PHP hosting service) in China

August 2017, we started writing Boost Full-stack framework, and that's going to boost our efficiency on writing websites.

August 8, 2017, we re-organized again and improved our efficiency on team-work. And we had became a mature industry-standard operating team.

October 2017, we launched Orange Search's 0.0001Alpha version, this search engine aims to bring users a sustainable, safe, private searching experience.

June 2018, BlueAirHost starts using DNSSEC

July 10, 2018, We started using domain and changed our website hosting to Github Pages. We renamed our team's English name from BlueAirTechGroup to InterActive+

July 26, 2018, We launched our website of 2019.

July 2018, we started planning for docs of InterActivePDK 2019.

Sept 25 2018, InterActivePDK 2019 Backend(OPENAPI 4.0) finished its tests

Dec 10 2018 ~ Feb 10 2019, We launched our new-year-themed website.(Yinglish theme)

Jan 12 2019, Due to concern about compatibility of OAuth2.0, we decided to redesign OPENAPI4.0

Apr 27 2019, We hosted our first team planning meeting. We changed our management structure to flat management. We decided to pause our webchat official account service and will try our best to keep up with our project progress by scheduling a meeting every week in the future.

Apr 30 2019, We hosted our first project planning metting, and suggested our future plan for project development after finishing up OPENAPI4.0.

July 5 2019, BlueAirHost rolled off

Aug 12 2019, Interactive+ decided to make a IoT tutorial series called "The Maker Advanture of a Bald Ginger Cat"

Aug 17 2019, Interacitve+ published the course introduction video of "The Maker Advanture of a Bald Ginger Cat" on Bilibili, a chinese video-sharing website.

Apr 2 2020, Interactive+ published its second episode of "Quick Science Post", Distributed Computing and Covid-19, and is planning to publish it on Youtube in English later.

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